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Norden Communication established itself in the UK for more than two decades, specialising in vertical solutions for a plethora of industries. Amalgamating innovation, thoughts, and hard work, Norden Communication has become one of the unique and leading manufacturers to a spectrum of systems ranging from surveillance, copper, fibre, public address, cabinets, accessories, building, industrial, and fire cables.

The multiple solutions offered by Norden caters to a galaxy of environments such as real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas, education, banking financial services, insurance, telecommunication, defence, government, and utilities. Its successful business strategies and customer support have helped the company develop twenty-three years of distinguished growth. Today, Norden has amplified itself internationally by entering new markets including Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, India, and Africa. Under the banner of Norden, we have elevated and elaborated our range of solutions into Eyenor, NVS, Secnor, Safenor, and Cellnor.

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Date : 12/11/2021

If you want to ensure the safety and security of businesses, property and staff, you must have a reliable surveillance system in your place. Surveillance systems act as deterrents and ...

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Date : 20/10/2021

How to Confirm Whether the Device is NDAA Compliant or Not?It may turn into a challenging task to ascertain the manufacturer of every major and minor component. Imagine the ...

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