Vertical Solutions


Banking & Finance Surveillance

At Norden, competently engineered solutions are put forth for its valuable customers without any compromise. The products engineered cater to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from telecommunications, building, industrial, and utilities. Headquartered in the UK, Norden brings quality products by meeting international standards to the global market. We are rapidly expanding by ensuring our presence in the global market with our wide range of products. Our performance and growth have developed an enviable reputation for supplying network components and accessories.


A Watchful Eye on Healthcare

Healthcare facilities like Hospitals, special health centres and the like often has specialized protection and security requirements. Importantly, they require security along with hygienic and safety needs. Hospitals are the meeting ground for the crowd requiring healing, care and recovery. Maintaining a higher volume of people and smooth functioning is a challenge hospitals face.


Integrated Security for a Safer Oil and Gas Industry

Norden Communication established itself in the UK for more than two decades, specialising in vertical solutions for many industries. Amalgamating innovation, thoughts, and hard work, Norden Communication has become one of the unique and leading manufacturers of a spectrum of systems ranging from surveillance, copper, fibre, public address, cabinets, accessories, building, industrial, and fire cables.